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David W. Kramer kramer.8 at OSU.EDU
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If you teach plant anatomy or if your students need better knowledge of
plant anatomy in support of other courses, you might want to consider a new
CD-ROM just out this month.  Warwick Silvester, Professor of Biological
Sciences at The University of Waikato in New Zealand authored "Plant
Structure" for the benefit of his students in plant physiology and other
courses who needed to know plant structure but couldn't take a course in
plant anatomy because the school doesn't offer one!  I was privileged to
participate in several reviews of the CD before publication.  It came to a
wonderful result!  The photos are excellent and the verbal and textual
explanations are exact.

In their own words: "'Plant Structure' was designed as a teaching resource
for undergraduate courses in plant biology, but is a valuable resource for
all levels including graduates and research scientists....  The CD contains
over 300 images of plant cells, tissues and organs, along with 90 minutes
of voice commentary."  It is a "hybrid" CD, operating on both Windows and
Macintosh platforms.

You can learn more about this excellent CD (and order it!) by visiting
their web site:


By the way, Dr. Silvester will be making a presentation at the
International Botanical Congress in St. Louis this summer.  The symposium,
"Botanical Literacy for the Next Millenium:  What to Know and How to Know
It" is scheduled for Session 7, 1:00-3:30 pm on Tuesday, August 3, 1999.
It is sponsored by the Botanical Society of America, The American Institute
of Biological Sciences, and Benjamin/Cummings Publishers.  Dr. Silvester
will be speaking about the development and use of his new CD:  "Computer
Based Teaching of Structure:  A Plant Physiologist's Approach."

To learn more about the IBC, visit their web site at http://www.ibc99.org/
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