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Everyone knows that brainstorming is a big buzz word today in business, and for
good reason. Without fresh
    ideas, marketing and problem solving gets harder and harder. ParaMind makes
one of the leading brainstorming
    programs on the market, and it is the only brainstorming program used by
both scientists and businesses. See
    some of our feedback below. 

    With 3 1/2" diskette and documentation. New copies from manufacturer.
Version 2.3 -- A $59.95 value. 

    From Inc. Magazine "ParaMind Brainstorming Program. A great way to
brainstorm ideas on almost any topic." 

    From Ziff Davis: Paramind Brainstorming Program: Just the thing for the
sole proprietor, this program is an idea
    multiplier. You enter them and the program replaces words or fills in ideas
to help you expand your horizons. The
    AutoMerge feature will generate up to 100 pages of sentences related to
your initial idea. 

    ParaMind works differently than any other writer's helper on the market.
ParaMind was built on the new idea of
    brainstorming by getting every idea that can be expressed in language by
"meaningfully exhausting the interactions
    of words" in any given subject area. Unlike other brainstorming programs,
you can configure ParaMind to suit
    your individual needs. 

    ParaMind was created to help businesses, technical specialists, and writers
of all kinds. It can also teach young
    students about grammar concepts while helping them develop their own ideas.
It works with related word chains
    that are broken down into the parts of speech. The user picks their own
words from their own sentences and the
    program replaces and merges them for up to a hundred pages of new ideas. 

    ParaMind is a serious yet fun program that operates on the principle of
generating new text from your text. It is
    totally configurable and can be used to logically expand any idea. It comes
with a database of 450 related word
    chains, and you can add as many of your own as you like. You can paste in
text from any Windows, Unix or
    Mac program into its editor to logically expand the text in infinite ways. 

    In a few minutes or less of key clicks one sentence or paragraph is turned
into up to 100 pages of related
    sentences. It's a great and easy to use creativity tool. 

    ParaMind copies any text you type or paste into its screen and
systematically merges your text with new words.
    The words are all related, such as adjectives related to sight, or adverbs
related to walking. In the text that you
    type or paste in, a word or two is selected where these new words will fit
in, in the way that you want. The result
    is a new listing of your idea changed in several fascinating ways. 

    "A truly GREAT program!" -- Don Davis

    "Paramind is a trusted workhorse, friendly sidekick and a powerful verbal
tool. I've used it to "unpack" ideas into
    their comprising components by, for example, using a keyword and follow
certain "threads", as it were. Example
    -- "relationship is based on mutual trust" turned - after some *massive*
selection - five or six stunners!" 

    "I have also used Paramind to form "neural threads" - a line, or stream, of
ideas that are seemingly unconnected,
    yet prove to be able to open some mental block. Example -- I've done some
work on the use of DNA testing -
    and using PM I came up with a whole range of ideas related to DNA - such as
hereditary problems, historical
    "urban legends" and much more!" 

    "I'm a content editor and 'creative contentsmith' on Africa's largest
Content Hub (come see us -
    http://iafrica.com). We have over 10 million access per month." 

    "We serve content in units of information (for example - a news item) and
these units form a single content thread
    within "neural" contextual networks. PM is great for this purpose because
it unpacks sentences so that each word
    can be replaces with another word that's semantically equal to it on a
vertical level. It helps with the process of
    brainstorming all creative / lateral choices involved in the kind of work I
    Rudy Nadler-Nir

    " need to use the program immediately to complete a lecture I'm working
    Kind regards, 
    Ali Anani
    Anani Research Institute

    I am a researcher/artist from Brazil. My work is strictly academic. I am
very interested in Paramind, as a process,
    as a linguistic theory. 
    Artur Matuck 
    University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

    I have long admired your software. It is ingenious! Jan Justesen 

    "Now Paramind is appearing. It's a new type of genetic engineering but of
sentences. The Charm of "Paramind"
    appears because it gives soul to the computer. We get a strong feeling that
the computer is no longer a machine
    because the written screens are never the same. By choosing words which
describe feelings or beauties of nature,
    the sensations I've been speaking about increase." 

    "The exhaustion of contexts producing the reciprocal influences between
meanings of words which is discovered
    by the exhaustion of the interaction of words. To give ideas by increasing
the level of intelligence with

    "Paramind and its techniques are against the decrease of the level of
    Tonio Ferener, Physics Instructor, Romania 

    Tonio has an entire web page created which is dedicated primarily to his
work with ParaMind. He has written
    over a hundred pages of theory in which the ParaMind program and ParaMind
theory play a key role. 

    "I think this is a really good product. I love products like yours because
I know people will buy it."
    seasun at nwlink.com 

    "I am looking forward to really starting to use Paramind more. The manual
is very helpful and I'm enjoying
    reading about the philosophy behind Paramind." 
    Larry Kahn
    Peter Burwash International 

    "ParaMind is an extremely unique program. I write as a hobby, and when I
get writer's block or can't think of a
    topic, I just fire up ParaMind, type whatever I'm thinking, and expand it.
A great creativity booster with a neat
    interface. It was definitely worth my registration." 
    Don J. -- from Softseek Website 

    "This is a MAJOR piece of software!" 
    Mick D'Aquin-Burglass
    Harvard Medical School 

    "As a graduate student of the Department of Educational Technology and
Research at Florida Atlantic University,
    I am interested in your brainstorming product for a project I am working
on. ParaMind has an
    interesting/powerful philosophy for creative solutions. I look forward to
learning more about the possibilities
    behind the software." 
    Rena L. Hafer
    Graduate Assistant
    Florida Atlantic University
    Department of Educational Technology and Research

    See www.paramind.net for more details. Specify Windows or Mac. Winner
please enclose $2 for shipping and
    handling, U.S. rate only. Will ship internationally for an additional $2
processing fee in addition to postage. 


Robert Pearson
Creative Virtue:  http://www.eskimo.com/~telical/
ParaMind Brainstorming Software http://www.paramind.net/

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