GDE on DEC vs Linux

Jerry Learn learn at u.washington.edu
Tue May 11 18:38:49 EST 1999

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We are considering getting a second UNIX box for our lab to supplement
our aging Sun SPARCstation. We are considering a couple of alternatives
both of which would have multiple processors: either a Dell running
Linux on Xeon 500 MHz processors or a DEC alpha clone running Digital
UNIX. I expect that the alpha clone would have a performance edge but
that is not what I'm enquiring about here.

One concern that we have is that many of us in the lab use Steve
Smith's GDE package on the Sun and we would like to continue. I can
find a port of this package to Linux on the web, but I am having
difficulty finding the DEC port that use to be available. If anyone has
suggestions on what course to follow here, I would be very grateful to
hear them.


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