analysis software for pClamp data

Guy Droogmans guy.droogmans at med.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon May 10 07:58:34 EST 1999

WinASCD is windows-32 program fro analyzing whole-cell and single
channel currents acquired with pClamp software in triggered or continous
sampling modes (Clampex, Fetchex, Axotape).
1. data correction procedures

   * baseline correction for removing slow drift
   * background correction
   * linear leak and capacitive transient correction

2.  analysis

   * extract peak and average currents from traces
   * compose a record from a single or multiple files
   * ensemble averaged current
   * fit current traces: polynome, sum of exponentials, Hodgkin-Huxley
     kinetics, kinetic scheme
   * analysis of current variance
   * single channel: amplitude histogram, open probability, mean open
     time, construct and analyze idealized current traces.

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