Reading and writing NEXUS: C source code wanted

Jonathan Epstein Jonathan_Epstein at nih.gov
Wed May 5 12:26:40 EST 1999

The file desktop/salfiles.c in the NCBI toolkit seems to meet many of
your needs, although I don't know how comprehensively it parses Nexus.

You can get the toolkit from

Good luck,

- Jonathan

Daniel Barker wrote:
> I am looking for a library to read and write NEXUS files (Maddison et al.
> 1997). I would like this to be (1) written in ANSI C, (2) portable, (3)
> thoroughly tested and stable, (4) available as source code, (5) free and
> (6) either released from copyright or distributed under a licence which
> allows free re-distribution.
> So far, I have come across the following, which could be helpful in
> implementing such a C library but do not constitute one themselves:
> Visual Basic source code by N. Cathness at
> http://research.amnh.org/~neil/nexus.html
> PASCAL-like pseudocode by D. R. Maddison, D. L. Swofford and
> W. P. Maddison at http://phylogeny.arizona.edu/nexus/reading.html
> I would be grateful for advice on further resources, or any other
> information. Thank you.
> Maddison, D. R., Swofford, D. L. & Maddison, W.P. 1997. "NEXUS: an
> extensible file format for systematic information." Systematic
> Biology 46(4): 590-621
> Daniel Barker.

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