postscript -> GIF converter for UNIX

Andrew Martin amartin at stagleys.demon.co.uk
Tue May 4 09:35:42 EST 1999

Carla Kuiken (kuiken at lanl.gov) wrote:
: Does anyone know of a commandline postscript-to-GIF converter for UNIX
: that gives decent results? We use program called 'convert' at the
: moment, but the quality of the resulting GIFs is variable and sometimes
: truly atrocious. 

: Thanks!

: Carla Kuiken
: Los Alamos HIV Sequence Database

The only way to convert from PostScript to anything is to use a full
PostScript interpreter. convert (I assume you mean the one from the
ImageMagick package) is simply a wrapper to Ghostscript. The problem
with Ghostscript tends to come from not-very-good (read awful!) fonts;
this is supposedly remedied in more recent versions which have decent
scalable fonts.

You can, of course, sidestep using convert and use Ghostscript
directly to create a PPM file:
gs -q -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=ppm -sOutputFile=foo.ppm foo.ps
and then use convert or the NetPBM package to convert the PPM file
to GIF. This is useful with multi-page Postscript files since
convert doesn't handle these properly.

The LaTeX2HTML package also comes with a pstogif utility which
uses gs followed by ppmtogif (from NetPBM).

In summary the only think really likely to help is to upgrade your
version of Ghostscript, but using these alternative routes may let
you tweak the image quality :-)


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