Reading and writing NEXUS: C source code wanted

Daniel Barker sokal at holyrood.ed.ac.uk
Tue May 4 14:17:55 EST 1999

I am looking for a library to read and write NEXUS files (Maddison et al. 
1997). I would like this to be (1) written in ANSI C, (2) portable, (3) 
thoroughly tested and stable, (4) available as source code, (5) free and
(6) either released from copyright or distributed under a licence which
allows free re-distribution.

So far, I have come across the following, which could be helpful in
implementing such a C library but do not constitute one themselves:

Visual Basic source code by N. Cathness at

PASCAL-like pseudocode by D. R. Maddison, D. L. Swofford and
W. P. Maddison at http://phylogeny.arizona.edu/nexus/reading.html

I would be grateful for advice on further resources, or any other
information. Thank you. 


Maddison, D. R., Swofford, D. L. & Maddison, W.P. 1997. "NEXUS: an
extensible file format for systematic information." Systematic
Biology 46(4): 590-621

Daniel Barker.

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