Sequence format converter for Windows

Jeroen Raes jraes at uia.ua.ac.be
Mon May 3 03:48:11 EST 1999

John Barlow wrote:

> Hi:
> I need a sequence format converter for Win32 that would be
> more flexible than the command line Readseq or TOFASTA.
> As NCBI BLAST accepts input in FASTA format only, I would need at least
> to be able to convert GenBank files to FASTA.

> In addition, I would like
> to extract single sequences from my MSF or PHYLIP alignments and
> save them in FASTA format.
> Any suggestions?

For the latter, you can use ForCon, a Win95 sequence alignment format
conversion program, available for free at

No GenBank format is added (been planning on adding that for ages), but you
can intercovert the following formats: CLUSTAL, EMBL, FASTA, GCG/MSF,
Hennig86, MEGA, NBRF/PIR, PAUP/Nexus, Parsimony Jackknifer, PHYLIP,
TREECON. A selection of sequences and positions can be made.


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