I need your advice

Peter pxpst2 at unixs.cis.pitt.edu
Wed Mar 31 12:25:37 EST 1999

Can you say look for sites with lots of "z"s in the name.  and ask those
peaple.  They often call themzelves Crakers and list there sites as Warez

In article <36FF7EF7.25152F96 at mail.uni-mainz.de>, Alexander
<skorokha at mail.uni-mainz.de> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I need your help. My chief is not willing to buy new DNA analysis
> software using pretty old PC/Gene.Since 2 years the PC/Gene is not
> enough for me.  Therefore, I'm using demo-version of some well-known
> software packages for DNA and protein analysis.  I'm looking for the
> cracks for these programs because I'm simply not able to buy them
> privately - They are too expensive. What shall I do?  I need them for my
> work.
> Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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     Watch out where the huskies go"

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