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> looking for KINSIM/FITSIM on wuarchive, I found nothing. Is there
> any mirror of this site still having KINSIM/FITSIM? Or is there
> any newer/better kinetic-software?

Yes.  An explanation of why DYNAFIT is better than KINSIM/FITSIM is found in
ref. [1].  The most recent application of DYNAFIT is described in ref. [2].
Download DYNAFIT from http://www.biokin.com/dynafit/.

     -- Petr Kuzmic



[1] P. Kuzmic (1996) Anal. Biochem. 237, 260-273. "Program DynaFit for the
analysis of enzyme kinetic data. Application to HIV protease"

[2] P. Kuzmic (1999) Anal. Biochem. 267, 17-23. "General numerical treatment
of competitive binding kinetics. Application to

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