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Brian Fristensky frist at cc.umanitoba.ca
Mon Mar 29 14:56:54 EST 1999

Alexander wrote:
> Hi there,
> I need your help. My chief is not willing to buy new DNA analysis
> software using pretty old PC/Gene.Since 2 years the PC/Gene is not
> enough for me.  Therefore, I'm using demo-version of some well-known
> software packages for DNA and protein analysis.  I'm looking for the
> cracks for these programs because I'm simply not able to buy them
> privately - They are too expensive. What shall I do?  I need them for my
> work.
> Any suggestion would be appreciated.

You might consider doing your sequence analysis under Linux, for which
a large amount of freeware is available.


Linux, by the way, is a free version of Unix, although the
best way to get it is to spend about $50 on a CD-ROM
that has software to simplify installation and system
administration. A good starting point is:


You can either re-format a hard disk on a PC
so that it exclusively runs Linux, or, if you
can spare a Gigabyte or so of space, you can
partition the harddisk so that you can boot
in either Windows or Linux. 

Our local sequence analysis facility runs under
Sun's Unix (Solaris) but most of the programs
we use will  also run under Linux. See


for an idea of how much you can to with freeware.

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