I need your advice

Brian Foley btf at lanl.gov
Mon Mar 29 13:23:26 EST 1999

Alexander wrote:
> Hi there,
> I need your help. My chief is not willing to buy new DNA analysis
> software using pretty old PC/Gene.Since 2 years the PC/Gene is not
> enough for me.  Therefore, I'm using demo-version of some well-known
> software packages for DNA and protein analysis.  I'm looking for the
> cracks for these programs because I'm simply not able to buy them
> privately - They are too expensive. What shall I do? 

	When planning to commit a crime (stealing software is
not a lot different from stealing other things) it is best
not to advertise your plan on the internet.

>  I need them for my work.
> Any suggestion would be appreciated.

	You can either take the trouble to find shareware or
public domain programs for your analyses (the IU-BIO web
site, EMBL and other places have lots of good free programs).
Or you can pay for commercial software, just as you pay for
buying EcoRI restriction enzyme instead of purifying your
own.  Or you can find a way to steal commercial software,
but you should not tell the world you are doing it.

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