Java Chromatogram Browser released

Jeremy D. Parsons jparsons at EBI.ac.uk
Fri Mar 26 12:42:05 EST 1999

Eugen Buehler and I have written a Java trace browser which is
freely available from the software download directory off

Part of the package can use CORBA to offer client/server trace
browsing across the Internet -as demonstrated at the above
URL. However, if you live behind an old, non-IIOP aware
firewall, you may not be able to try the on-line demos.
The new software is 5 times faster at scrolling, almost flicker-free,
and handles SCF version 3 accurately

See the paper in Genome Research:
Parsons, Jeremy D., Buehler, Eugen, and Hillier, LaDeana, (1999) DNA Sequence
Chromatogram Browsing Using JAVA and CORBA., Genome Res., 9, 277-281.

I'm out of email contact for a while now - good luck,

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