Parsing BLAST output

Wayne Parrott wayne at workingobjects.com
Tue Mar 23 04:36:01 EST 1999

Michael Rogoff wrote:
> Are there any publically available parsers for BLAST output, preferably in Java?

Yes! A beta version of the PharmTools SDK Suite is available at
www.workingobjects.com. The first production release is being readied
that will include:

1) Java Bean compliant parsers that recognize local and NCBI web-server
Blast reports v1.4 - 2.0.8
2) parse event handlers for creating a Blast Object Model, BlastXML
documents, HTML
3) Blast Object Model
4) BlastXML Document Type Definition (DTD)
5) IBM XML4J parser
6) BlastXML XSL stylesheet (tested under IE5b2)
7) docs, examples, test suite, and freely distributable binaries
8) optional inexpensive source code license

The next release is scheduled for April 1 (no joke). Contact me if you
need more details.

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