software for reading sequence from PDF file

Chen Linan chenlinan at 263.NET
Sat Mar 20 22:48:27 EST 1999

Actually, you need not any software if you want to copy sequence in PDF
format. In acrobat reader, press the icon at right of the magnifier icon.
The icon is used to select text(which looks like image) in PDF fomat file.
You can see "abc" with a rectangle around the three characters in the icon.
Then you can press and drag you mouse to select the sequence(text) you need.
The press right button, select "copy". Open any text editor program, open a
new file, then paste the selection into the file. All is OK.

First you must know what is image and what is text. Images often include
circular DNA maps, while texts include sequences. You can not select former
as text, and even no one software can convert them(images) to text except
for OCR at some situations. But as for latter(text), you need not any extra
software because the acrobat reader will do.

Chen linan

Beijing Medical University

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