GCG Package!

Hans-Peter Schmitz schmitzh at uni-duesseldorf.de
Fri Mar 19 04:12:36 EST 1999

Tim Cutts wrote:

> Most of these things I can live with except for the security issue.
> Unfortunately this is not a problem limited to the makers of MI/X.
> Both eXodus and MacX have a similarly lax attitude to security.  Why
> can't commercial software manufacturers take security seriously?  Even
> eXceed defaults to letting the entire Internet access your screen,
> although at least in that case you can configure the program to be a
> bit more sane.
> Tim.

You can make things more secure using SSH! I´m running Seqlab using MI/X
and the free SSH Client from Cedomir Igaly which does X11 forwarding.
Doing so you can get both - encryption and compression of the data.
For the users in our lab which are all used to Windows Applications this
seemed to be the easiest solution.


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