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Dr. Rob Miller rmiller at sanbi.ac.za
Fri Mar 19 09:08:53 EST 1999

I have no info regarding the security of it, but I have found a 
commercial package called X-Win32 to be quite useful in displaying
X clients on w95 boxes.  In particular, the X clients appear as 
windows on the w95 desktop (rather than the new workspace that 
MI/X creates) and I've found it handles more "X tricks" than the
others -- e.g. this is the only one I've tried that could display
GDE from a linux box.  

They have a free time-limited demo that only allows something like a 45
minute continuous connection, and that's longer than I've ever been 
able to handle w95 at any one time anyway.  (the 45 minutes is not
total usage time, rather you must re- log in and restart your X 
client to get another 45 minutes, and you are warned before the 45 minutes
is up).   

I have no connection with them, just used the time-limited demo.  The 
actual file is called x-win40.exe, I found it first on the 
XShipWars download page ( http://dogstar.mit.edu/bajor3d/download.htm )
but there's probably better sources out there if you're willing to 
surf a little.


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