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Wed Mar 17 15:31:58 EST 1999

There is a nice Free X server runs on Mac and PC from

Unfortunately I don't think the current version of the Wisconsin Package
runs on Linux.  If price is your main concern Digital Alpha might be the
way to go or you may be able to find a used SGI or Sun Box
you may want to check news://comp.sys.sgi.marketplace

Good Luck,

Joseph Ryan
National Human Genome Research Institute

In article <7cmh18$jvp$1 at mserv2.dl.ac.uk>,
  "Malay" <curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in> wrote:
> Dear Netters:
> We are planning to buy GCG package for our institute. We are not sure which
> computers to buy and what should be the minimum configuration. Our budget is
> limited. We would appreciate any comments in this regard. We also expect
> comments on Seqlab and Seqweb, the former being the GUI of GCG and whether
> there is any free or cheap X-windows server, capable of running Seqlab.
> Thank you in advance.
> Malay
> Malay Kumar Basu
> Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology
> Hyderabad 500007
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