Request for beta testers for new Health Level Seven (HL7) tookit

Eliot Muir eliot.muir at interfaceware.com
Thu Mar 11 17:59:47 EST 1999

We are looking for beta testers for our new Health Level 7 toolkit
product called HL7 Chameleon.   Health Level 7 is an ANSI standard
protocol for the exchange of health information (see http://www.hl7.org
for info).

Unlike many existing toolkits, HL7 Chameleon does not expose the raw
tree structure of the HL7 message.  Instead it uses an intermediate
nested data structure which is graphically mapped onto the HL7 tree.

Thus one interface can be mapped to different versions of  HL7 without
recompiling the application code.  The generated
code is easy for programmers (and non programmers) to read.
(see http://www.interfaceware.com/example_code.html)

This is inherently easier to expand to future requirements,
such as XML, Corba, DCOM etc.

The toolkit includes a fully featured graphical MDI configuration
program which allows the user to generate message definitions on the
fly from existing real messages etc.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please email us directly
or look at
our website at:


Eliot Muir

Eliot Muir, Director                 iNTERFACEWARE
mailto:eliot.muir at interfaceware.com
Voice 64-9-5202077                   http://www.interfaceware.com

Makers of HL7 Chameleon
   "Program to the iNTERFACE not the the implementation"

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