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Brian Fristensky frist at cc.umanitoba.ca
Thu Mar 11 18:32:08 EST 1999

Alan Williams wrote:
> I have been setting up some molbio software on several linux machines and
> have several questions regarding GDE:
> First off, I am using GDE 2.2.
> I have noticed an anoying bug when cutting and pasting whole sequences.
> On the second cut the program crashes.  Has anyone else encountered this
> bug? Any fixes?

This occurs in GDE on Solaris also.  
> Less important: Has anyone put together some good .GDEmenus (and any
> necessary scripts) for interfacing to alscript, phylip, clustal, tacg, ... ?
> Any menu segments would be appreciated.  What every I come up with in
> the end I will make available here.

The BIRCH system has a very comprehensive set of .GDEmenus,
along with csh scripts that run many of the programs,
allowing you to use most functions for each program.


> Thanks,
> Alan Williams

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