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Tim Littlejohn tim at en-bio.com.au
Thu Mar 11 05:22:00 EST 1999

GDE Fans,

Keith wrote:
> I wrote some menus to interface with Clustal, tacg and the fasta
> package (to fasta search a library and to do pairwise alignments
> between two sequences open in GDE using align, align0, lalign). I
> might have some others too.
> Phylip menus are already available somewhere, I'm sure. I'll mail you
> what I have as they are too long to post.

I developed a load of menus to various applications especially
phylogenetic ones when I was with the Canadian Organelle Genome Program
(OGMP) which I'd also be happy to post out.  I also set up a GDE archive
on Gopher way back then (who remembers gopher??? :-)  Have a look at:


and even started an archive of menus on that site- check these out (there
aren't many there though). There is a GDE users mailing list still in
existence. Have a look at:



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