publication quality alignments w/Motifs?

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Wed Mar 10 16:40:57 EST 1999


I can thoroughly recommend Genedoc for Win3.11 or Win9X available at 


In article <36E534B7.ACAB0E8D at nih.gov>, Jonathan Epstein 
<Jonathan_Epstein at nih.gov> wrote:
>What do people out there use for producing publication-quality multiple
>In particular, I need to highlight some Motifs, and also should some
>discontinuity in some of the sequences, where I don't want to show
>hundreds of residues of uninteresting sequence.
>I have a PC on my desk, and have access to numerous Unix hosts,
>including one using GCG.  In a pinch, I can use a Mac running MacVector.
>I need to get these diagrams out quickly, so am especially interested in
>freeware and/or time-bombed demos.
>I understand that Vector NTI is pretty well thought of these days for
>Windoze users.  Does the demo version have the sorts of capabilities
>which I mention?
>- Jonathan

I'm afraid I don't have a clever saying to put here.

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