MolBio OS?

Benjamin Z. Goldsteen ben at zeta.omrf.ouhsc.edu
Fri Mar 5 13:21:13 EST 1999

Justin Powell wrote:
> Our lab is planning to obtain a new computer for doing bioinformatics
> work, currently we use our own macs and unix boxes belonging to the
> department.  We do mainly homology searches, protein motif searches,
> function prediction and possibly some structural prediction.
> It seems to me that the main determinant in our decision is is there any
> software which we are likely to want to use in future which needs a unix
> box to run on, or is everything available over the web these days?

Just to throw myself into this discussion...

I think UNIX systems offer the best software availability for what you want
to do.  In particular, SGI UNIX systems are very popular.  You can break
high-end software into three categories:

-Those that support several UNIX and non-UNIX platforms
-Those that support several UNIX platforms
-Those that require SGI

If you take an intersection of all the software you want to run, SGI is
often the only viable platform.  Your mileage may vary.

My suggestion is to look at the software you want to run now and get that. 
I don't think waiting 6 months for the release of program X for platform Y
is a good use of time.  Time is worth more than money in research...

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