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Fri Mar 5 15:09:50 EST 1999

To be upfront and honest, I am looking for someone who can perform topological
geometry for a natural resources project.  The money is good
(high five figures to low six figure) and the locale is great (Austin,Texas).
Please pass this around to those you think might be interested.  Email me at:
charliejazz at yahoo.com.  I will ask forgiveness now for possibly violating the
format of this user group.

Here is the profile:

Geometry Modeling Software Engineer

Develop new model preparation and meshing capability for a reservoir
simulator.  This smulator is a new-technology, 4D (space-time) finite element
analysis-based oil reservoir simulator for the petroleum industry. Key
features of the simulator include automatic mesh generation, and automatic
mesh adaption in 4D.

Technical areas for this position are in FEA pre-processing, including:
midsurface generation, model idealization, topology simplification, geometry
repair, geometry meshing, assembly meshing and stitching. This person will
interact with application engineers and customers to
understand end user requirements.  Then functional and design specifications
will be developed and the projects coded and tested.  The person will be
expected to work independently and in teams, seeking help
and cooperation where needed.  Occasionally, the job can involve assisting
customers in deploying the new technology.

JOB REQUIREMENTS The qualified candidate will have a degree in Math, Physics
or Engineering.  An advanced degree or several years of large scale,
engineering software development is required.

The candidate must be proficient in C or C++ programming on large scale
projects.  Experience in rigorous software development methodology is
required.  Object Oriented methodology and Windows NT experience is a plus.

The candidate must have experience developing mesh generation software.
Applicant must understand the fundamentals of the use of FEA in structural,
CFD or manufacturing analysis.	Knowledge or experience in applying FEA to
fluid dynamics problems is a real plus. Experience with commercial CAE
packages is a plus.

The candidate must have experience in at least one of the following areas:
free form surface modeling, solid modeling, meshing, or some complex geometry
and topology based application.  Knowledge of CAD geometry, topology and
numerical methods is required.

Good oral and written communication skill in English is an absolute necessity.

Other keywords:  Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Finite element analysis
(FEA or FEM for F.E. Method), Computational grids, geometry meshing,
Unstructured meshing.

Thanks for your help.  Let me know if anyone might be interested.

Charlie Wirt

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