Local BLAST server - any experience on dual/quad Intel - Linux platforms

Harry Mangalam mangalam at uci.edu
Wed Mar 3 12:55:49 EST 1999

Hi - I've been asked to eval setting up a local BLAST server.  For
compatibility with other requirements, the OS will be Linux, unless
someone can give me extremely good reasons not to.  

I'm considering using a dual Pentium II/Celeron, unless I can get
feedback that BLAST does not work well on such a system, in which case
we would run either a uni-PII/Celeron or if more $ can be scraped up, an
Alpha (but having experience with Linux/Alpha, I know some of the
problems with that approach).

So, does anyone out there have experience with BLAST on an SMP Intel box
(dual or quad (PPro or Xeon - I know that PII's can't go there) and if
so, on what kernel and what were the gotchas?

Also rec's on minimum memory for maximum efficiency would be


Harry J Mangalam -- (949) 856 2899 -- mangalam at home.com

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