MolBio OS?

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In article <36dd216b.1021900445 at news.itn.is>, helgi at NOSPAMdecode.is wrote:

>True, but lots of companies are now producing molbio
>applications for Windows and many are phasing out their
>Mac products. 

On what do you base that statement?

(I'm not making any comment about NT vs Mac software performance because
I've never tried running molbiol software on NT.  My only experience with
NT is extremely bad)

>You would regret moving to Macs within a few years.

On what basis do you make that inflammatory statement?

>Unix servers tend to mess up their storage of Mac files and 
>often ruin them for use by Macs afterwards.  NT on the other
>hand was designed from the ground up as a file server for
>the Mac and does a much better job of it.

Sorry, this is utter crap.  Where are you getting your data?  I'd go for
Unix over NT any day of the week.

> but beware of NT administered
>by Unix specialists.  

I'd turn that statement on its head.  I'd also beware of NT machines
adminstered by NT specialists.

>running stuff like ABI sequencers you will need Macs, but
>the ABIs come with Macs anyway.

Generally over-powered Macs that ABI recommend you don't use for anything else.

Get some iMacs, they're real cheap now and ideal for a networked environment.


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