MolBio OS?

Robert Hartley rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Wed Mar 3 05:21:17 EST 1999

In article <36DCBD46.F20C8628 at san.rr.com>, milton at san.rr.com wrote:

> Actually I have experience with many OSes, but I am trying to make a decision
> that impacts a large group of people.  I want to accommodate all the
> essential applications used in Molecular Biology.  The problem I'm having is
> that  this field tends to be Mac and unix based.  However, my gut feeling is
> to go with Microsoft products because of the global acceptance of the windows
> environment.

Ok Jeff. :-)
I can offer you a VERY impartial appraisal. Reason is, I prefer the
amazing Acorn RiscOS running on my RiscPC600 at home but use MacG3(mainly)
and sometimes wintel in work.

I would consider the MacOS as the most usefull in MolBiol. (The wintel
platform in my opinion has a dreadfull OS/abort retry fail). Besides, I
beleive a G3 can emmulate  windows to Pentium90 speed. Also Microsoft,
well they have a good maketing dept. :-)

If you are going for a windows enviroment consider the SGI NT workstation.
I has implemented NT into the world of RISC computing and runs NT at 4x
the speed of a high end CISC Pentium.

To be honest I would not consider a non-RISC machine if you require speed
(BUT SEE * BELOW). AND Intel have now got the  ARM "StrongARM" 233Mhz
chip(now at 388MHZ) RISC from an Acorn RiscPC. (This will run from two AAA
bateries and can be used in a PDA) I can see the demise of the Windows
dominance in general. The other alternative is to get a wintel box and put
Linux on it. This could co-host with Windows and you can run a Mac
Emmulator see 

*However the first consideration is WHAT DO YOU WANT IT TO DO? then WHAT

Remember the computer is a tool to HELP you work. NOT to dictate your work. :-) 

These views are my OWN and not gla.ac.uk

as I said I prefer something completely different. :-)


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