need source code for HTML editor

Piotr Kozbial piotrk at ibb.waw.pl
Sat Jun 26 12:40:31 EST 1999

Amaya is W3C's own versatile editor/browser.
The binaries and source code is at:

Good luck
Piotr Kozbial
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Manuel Calderon wrote:
> Hi,
> I am hoping one of you might be able to help me.
> In one of the applications we are developing, we need an
> HTML editor that works like Netscape Composer.  It has
> to be almost like that except that we want to take away
> some of the freedoms like loading another file or erasing
> the one we give him.  Basically, we want to bring it up
> with the file in it, let the user input the info he has
> to input and then have a big button that says "PRESS
> HERE when done".  We are thinking of maybe using the
> source code for Netscape composer and adding to it a bit
> so that we can erase those things we want and add the
> big DONE button.  I haven't been able to download that
> code.  And it may be too big if we need to have all the
> code for Netscape too.
> If any of you know where I can get the code for Composer
> or any other simple editor I would appreciate your help.
> It can be simpler than composer.  We would like to be
> able to have some formatting capabilites like BOLD,
> underline, colors, fonts, etc.  Other things like
> adding images and links are not that important, although
> nice.  The editor doesn't even have to be for HTML, we
> could possibly convert the text to HTML ourserlves.
> What we really want is the editing capabilities without
> having to write the editor ourselves.
> The code has to be in C or C++ and run for Unix, X-based.
> Thank you very much,
> Manuel Calderon

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