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Dave Kristofferson jobs at EOSBIOTECH.COM
Fri Jun 25 21:45:47 EST 1999

Bioinformatics Research Associate at Eos Biotechnology, Inc.

Eos Biotechnology, Inc. is a progressive biotechnology start-up
located in South San Francisco.  We have a great opportunity for a
highly motivated and outstanding individual to join our bioinformatics
team. The position will entail working with biologists and programmers
to help develop and apply new bioinformatic tools in the analysis of
data from our high-throughput genomics-based drug target discovery
programs.  This individual will be responsible for effective
integration of commercial bioinformatic software, public domain
software and databases with software and databases developed at Eos.
This is an opportunity to participate in a highly interactive group of
scientists and programmers, and the individual must have the desire to
learn new bioinformatic skills and to actively participate in a team
effort to create high impact bioinformatic platforms.

Requires B.S. in molecular biology or biological sciences, experience
with Unix command lines and shell scripts, and a familiarity with Perl
and public gene databases.  Experience using commercial bioinformatics
software (e.g. Pangea clustering and alignment tools, GeneWorld(tm),
NetGenics Synergy(tm), M.A.G. GeneMine(tm), GCG, etc.) and programming
experience would be an added benefit, but the position will have the
support of professional software developers.

We offer attractive compensation & benefits, generous stock options,
and the opportunity to join a promising start-up.  Please send resumes
to Eos Biotechnology, Inc., HR, Attn: Job 99-16, 225A Gateway Blvd.,
South San Francisco, CA 94080 or by fax to 650/583-3881 or by email to
jobs at eosbiotech.com.  Resumes submitted by e-mail should be in text
format only, please.  EOE

About Eos Biotechnology ( http://www.eosbiotech.com ):

Eos Biotechnology is focused on developing new, genomics-based
technologies and applying them to the generation of information needed
for the discovery of new drug targets and patient management tools. A
distinguishing feature of our business strategy is to initiate,
integrate and execute disease-focused, experimental biology-based
target discovery programs, rather than providing a technology platform
or service. Our initial target discovery activities are in the areas
of inflammation and oncology. However, our approach can be
successfully applied to a variety of disease processes.

What differentiates our approach is our:

- Effective integration of biology and genomics technologies to
rapidly select robust drug and diagnostic targets

- Broad genomics technology platform including multiple DNA array
technologies, high throughput oligonucleotide synthesis capabilities,
normalized differential transcript displays, and novel bioinformatics
tools for the integrated analyses of genomic data

- Ability to enable "real time" biology-based experiments with
genomics tools

- Genomic profiling of a broad range of biological systems including
human tissues, in vivo models and primary human cell culture systems
to identify disease-relevant systems for use in target validation

- Biology-driven expression databases allowing the efficient,
effective comparison of key pathogenic processes and mechanisms common
to multiple diseases

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