Mac applications that let you enter sequences verbally?

Osborne, Brian brian.osborne at CADUS.COM
Fri Jun 25 12:21:16 EST 1999

To the group, 

You can get this from Joe Strout (joe at strout.net <mailto:joe at strout.net> )
or you can get
it from me. Joe sent it to me and said I should feel free to distribute
it. BTW, it's a Mac program (in a Stuffit archive). It does not appear
to be on Joe's site (www.strout.net <http://www.strout.net> ) at the moment.

Brian O.

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> Joseph Strout wrote a small but neat application (gattaca) using 
> his SimpleSpeechRecognition C++ module (SimpleSR) that makes
> verbal sequence entry fairly fast and very accurate.  It was
> just what we were looking for.

Can you post a pointer to this program, please. It sounds like it could be
useful to a lot of people.


Andy Law
(Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk)
(Big Nose in Edinburgh)

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