need source code for HTML editor

Manuel Calderon mcalder6 at ford.com
Fri Jun 25 10:14:32 EST 1999


I am hoping one of you might be able to help me.

In one of the applications we are developing, we need an
HTML editor that works like Netscape Composer.  It has
to be almost like that except that we want to take away
some of the freedoms like loading another file or erasing
the one we give him.  Basically, we want to bring it up
with the file in it, let the user input the info he has
to input and then have a big button that says "PRESS
HERE when done".  We are thinking of maybe using the 
source code for Netscape composer and adding to it a bit
so that we can erase those things we want and add the
big DONE button.  I haven't been able to download that
code.  And it may be too big if we need to have all the
code for Netscape too.

If any of you know where I can get the code for Composer
or any other simple editor I would appreciate your help.
It can be simpler than composer.  We would like to be
able to have some formatting capabilites like BOLD,
underline, colors, fonts, etc.  Other things like 
adding images and links are not that important, although
nice.  The editor doesn't even have to be for HTML, we
could possibly convert the text to HTML ourserlves. 
What we really want is the editing capabilities without
having to write the editor ourselves.

The code has to be in C or C++ and run for Unix, X-based.

Thank you very much,

Manuel Calderon

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