ABI electrophoretograms on PC

David Dixon d.p.dixon at durham.ac.uk
Fri Jun 25 05:38:41 EST 1999

In addition to the excellent Chromas application recommended below, I have
written a Win32 program which allows editing/viewing of ABI (not SCF or ALF
yet though) chromatogram files.
The program's called DNA for Windows and can be downloaded from:
 http://iubio.bio.indiana.edu/soft/molbio/ibmpc/dfw.zip .  A readme file is
also available:  http://iubio.bio.indiana.edu/soft/molbio/ibmpc/dfw.readme .

The program is shareware, but is not crippled in any way.
This program has a number of advantages over Chromas:

* Allows edited ABI files to be saved.
* Allows two chromatograms to be automatically aligned for comparison.
* Allows more flexible printing of traces.
* Sequences can be copied to the main part of the program, allowing
translation, restriction analysis, multiple alignment, contig assembly, etc.

Give it a go, and let me know what you think.

David Dixon
d.p.dixon at durham.ac.uk

Ivan Ho wrote:

> Hi Lee,
> You can chromas obtainable from the following site:
> http://www.technelysium.com.au/chromas.html
> Ivan Ho
> Department of Pathology
> University of Hong Kong
> Lee Smith wrote:
> > Hi
> > This may well be covered in a FAQ, but then I can't find that either!
> > Does anyone have any suggestions for software to allow editing/viewing
> > of
> > the electrophoretograms produced by an ABI sequencer on a PC?
> > Obviously shareware/freeware prefered!
> >
> > Lee Smith
> > Flinders University
> > SA 5042
> > Australia
> >
> > Lee.Smith at flinders.edu.au

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