C++ class for html parsing

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Dear Francis:

The problem with NCBI toolbox is that after writing to them I never got a
copy of documentation. If anybody can help me in this regard then I'll be


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Subject: Re: C++ class for html parsing

> > Can anybody tell me about C++ class to convert html file into plain
> > Or extracting Genbank entry into plain text by C++?
> >
> > I am new in this field. I want to deliberately avoid bioperl and stick
> > C++ or Java. Any comments or suggestion will be appreciated.
> Dear Malay,
> did you try the NCBI toolkit? See:
> ftp://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/toolbox/
> It's a whole bag of Ansi C functions (although a few C++ are getting
> in) for working with all the stuff that NCBI puts out. You will have
> access (through functions therein) to NCBI servers so you can get the
> data of interest in plain text, and not have to worry about html.
> If you have questions, e-mail the toolbox alias
> (toolbox at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) and I'm sure they will be happy to get you
> started.
> Good luck,
> f.
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