Automatically finding inserts in a phage sequence?

Dr. Greg Quinn greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org
Wed Jun 16 17:45:49 EST 1999

Gys de Jongh (GysdeJongh at csi.com) wrote:
: Dr. Greg Quinn <greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org> wrote in message
: news:7k8pmm$6i4$1 at franklin.ljcrf.edu...
: > Does anyone know of a currently existing piece of software
: > (to save me time writing it) which will scan and identify
: > an insert region within a vector sequence when the flanking
: > phage insert site sequence is known?
: >
: > Cheers
: > Greg
: Hi,
: you could use http://www.crc.dk/phys/A01B04_dnatools.htm
: the function 'search' together with the option 'select from start' will
: select the vector sequence which can then be 'cut'  leaving the sequence
: without vector.
: You can get a free version off the software, no updates.
: Gys

Thanks a lot for this info; I meant (but forgot) to mention that I am
using a UNIX box to automate this, so it needs to be a command line unix

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