Primers fo genome amplification

Juergen Oberstrass oberstra at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Wed Jun 16 07:14:29 EST 1999

does anyone know a software or a web site for the following problem:

I want to clone unknown sequences from dictyostelium. Because I expect
very few amount of material I want to amplify it before cloning by an PCR
step similar to DOP PCR of human material. Unfortunately dicty do not have
repetitive genomic elements between the coding sequences so that I cannot
use something like Alu-primers. 
Now I thought about performing a search or whatever operation on dicty
sequences to find the most abundant twelve-mers and use this oligos for
ramdom amplification. But I have not found any possibilitity to extract
abundant sequences from sequences databases. 

Please no advises to write a fast Perl script or whatever because I am
absolut incapable of such things.
Any hints are wellcome!

Juergen Oberstrass               E-Mail: oberstra at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Kassel University Genetics Department 
Heinrich Plett Str. 40
D-34132 Kassel / Germany

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