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	Wow.  What software do you use?  

	You could blow up the image, print it out, cut out the cricket wing
cell, and weigh the piece of paper.  Now, stop laughing, I'm serious. 
Do the same for something you took an EM of and that you know the area
of to determine the scale.  Cut out and weight 5 copies of the same
image to determine the variation in your method.  Maybe try different
types of paper to find one that is constant.  Regular lazer jet paper
works fine and is cheap.  If this cricket wing business is something
you're going to do once and quit, this quick and dirty method might get
you done quicker than something more computerized.  

	Or, Visual basic (and almost all other programming languages) will let
you determine the color of a pixel of a bitmap.  You could use Corel
Photo-Paint or Paint Shop Pro to simplify the image - 2 color only, and
use the magic wand to copy the cell to a blank bitmap.  Then a very
simple program could count the colored pixels.  You could even have it
color each pixel as it is counted so you can see that it is working

	Or, when you increase the magnification of an image in Paint Shop Pro
to the maximum, you can clearly see the individual pixels.  You could
count them yourself.  Use a drawing tool with a color not used in your
image to mark out each one as you count.  

	Or, you could hire someone like, well, like me to do it for you.  

	Have fun!
> Hi,
> I want to measure the size of a cell on a crickets'wing. Therefore I use
> an EM and save the picture as a bitmap. Has anyone an idea how to
> measure an area in a bitmap-picture? It would be appreciable when there
> would be a tool which can automatically select the wanted area - like
> the magic wand mask tool of Corel Photo-Paint.
> Thanks
>     Steffen
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