pc WPerfect v9.0 to mac MS Office98 conversion?

Ing-Nang Wang inw0137 at unix.tamu.edu
Thu Jun 10 09:42:48 EST 1999

Dear people:

I am pulling my hairs out on this one.  My boss has a pc Word Perfect
v9.0 and I have a mac MS Office98.  We are now working on a manuscript
with a lot of symbols and Greek letters in it.  We can't seem to be able
to preserve the symbols and Greek letters during the conversion.  First,
is it even possible to convert between these two extremes?  Second, if
yes, where can I find it?  We are just two innocent by-standers caught
between these companies.  Help us please!!!

Ing-Nang Wang
Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX

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