retrieving sequences after a BLAST?

Dr. Greg Quinn greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org
Wed Jun 2 17:19:04 EST 1999

If you are doing a netBlast with GCG, I believe that NetFetch can parse 
the blast output file and fetch the cited sequences from the NIH site.

Also, Nigel Brown's program, MVIEW will 'extract' alignments from a
BLAST search to create a multiple alignment (with some caveats); this
sometimes obviates the need to pull sequences depending on what you
have in mind for the database matches.

laminaria.EST (est at sb-roscoff.fr) wrote:
: 	Hello,
: I would like to know if someone is aware of a software that would automaticaly retrieve the target sequences, identified by a BLAST search, from a server ( eg : retrieve at genbank.bio.net) and save them localy.
: Thank you for reading my message.
: Florent Crepineau


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