Database searches - updating

Chris Upton cupton at uvic.ca
Wed Jun 2 12:35:55 EST 1999

In article <3754d1ff.1727914 at news.u-strasbg.fr>,
plewniak at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> >   I'm interested in searching the protein database with 200 proteins on a
> >routine basis.
> >
> >I have a system to do the searches (FASTA) in batch locally (via a perl
> >script), but I'd like to be notified when there's a new hit with good
> >score.
> >
> You may want to check :
>         http://www-igbmc.u-strasbg.fr/BioInfo/LocalDoc/DBWatcher/
> Cheers,
> Fred

Thanks for the info. I'll check out your site.


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