MacOS emulation for PC's?

Salvatore Chiavarini chiavarini at casaccia.enea.it
Tue Jun 1 05:45:06 EST 1999

On Mon, 31 May 1999 23:20:02 +0200, Andi <Andreas.Weinhaeusel at univie.ac.at>

>Does somebody know if there is a MacOs emulation programm available for
>IBM compatible PCs?
>Please let me know if there is one and where I can get it! Thank you!
>weinhausl at ccri.univie.ac.at

The best (and maybe the only) available emulators are Executor (www.ardi.com)
and Fusion (www.microcode-solutions.com). They use completely different
approaches: Executor creates a pseudo-Mac shell for running Mac programs and
relies upon a built-from-scratch emulation (that is no Mac ROMs are needed), at
the expense of a quite low compatibility; on the other hand, Fusion emulates
68040 code and uses true Mac ROMs images for the system emulation (therefore you
must have a Mac to build ROM images and use Fusion).
Personally, I do prefer Fusion, as it gives you an almost complete compatibility
and peripherals support.

Good luck!

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