Fragen zu Office 97 / Questions to Office 97

Frank Fürst ffrank at rz.uni-potsdam.de
Thu Jul 29 12:03:08 EST 1999

Karsten Steinbeck wrote:
[wrong OE-quoting corrected]
> Grrr, was soll das heißen, hä? :-(
Which means: What do you mean with that?

> > CSC schrieb in Nachricht ...
> > On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Karsten Steinbeck wrote:
> > 
> > > Wer Fragen über Office 97 hat, der soll sie mir stellen.
> > > Has anybody questions about Office 97?
> > 
> > nope.
Which means "no, not at all"

Your posting is kind of funny. Usually people ask questions, or they
offer something special or unusual, be it information or service or
whatever. If somebody has questions about software X, he'll look for
an apropriate newsgroup and post a _specific_ question there. If one
just posted: "Can somebody explain Office 97 to me?", he'll probably
get the short answer:
(please read the fine manuals)

So is it that what you've done: carefully read the manuals, and now
you want to save the world?

Perhaps if you think you're exceptionally well experienced with
Office97 (btw isn't 2000 the recent version?) you should look for the
right newsgroup (there's one in the de.* hierarchy, too) and _read_
there and then answer questions if you can. 
Or if you think you are VERY exceptionally good in Office97, better
than all the guys who wrote these books about it, why not write a FAQ
in html format and post the URL to _apropriate_ groups?

BTW This group is not apropriate for general questions or FAQs about
Office97, God save my computer of its awful claws.

And if you're hanging around in Usenet, why not read in
de.newusers.infos and de.newusers.questions, perhaps by chance you'll
learn how to quote properly, even with Outlook Express.

Bye, Frank

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