DNASTAR on Macintosh, system 8.6

Scott Givan sgivan at mail.cmmt.ubc.ca
Fri Jul 23 13:24:03 EST 1999

"Frank O. Fackelmayer" wrote:

> Hi all,
> I´ve been using the DNASTAR package for some time now without
> difficulties. However, since I upgraded the operating system from 7.6 to
> 8.6 three weeks ago, I reproducibly get a system crash when using the
> "OPEN" or "SAVE" commands (in all modules). Re-installing from the
> original CD-ROM did not help, and the programs run normally when I boot
> my computer from a system 7.6 CD-ROM. Thus, there appears to be some
> incompatibility between DNASTAR and system 8.6, at least on my computer.
> Has anyone else encounterd similar problems? Please also let me know if,
> on your computer, DNASTAR and system 8.6 run well (so the problem could
> be in my system configuration...).
> Frank


I've found that most of the times in situations like this that one or more
system extensions is/are the cause of the problem.  Have you tried using
DNASTAR after you have started your Mac with the extensions turned off
(hold the SHIFT key down during startup)?  If DNASTAR works normally with
the extensions off, you can start turning on extensions to see which one is
causing the problem.  You could also turn on groups of extensions (ie, base
8.6 extensions, which is an option in the Extensions Manager) to more
rapidly find the troublesome extension.  If you find the culprit, you would
at least know where the problem lies.  Possibly the extension isn't useful
to you and it could be turned off.


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