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Mogens Kjaer mk at crc.dk
Wed Jul 21 08:50:55 EST 1999

Qiao Li-An wrote:
> Hello All,
> We  can  use  SRS  method  to download a few PDB files, just click the
> search  results  one by one. But when we want to download thousands of
> protein structure PDB files, the task seems tedious.
> Now  I have a list of PDB Entry ID Code. How can I get these PDB files
> from www directly? Could I use ftp to get all of them?

In theory you can get _all_ PDB files by ftp; but they are 1.3 Gbytes

Else you can prepare a script file for ftp (if you use some sort of


cd all_entries/compressed_files
get pdb2sod.ent.Z
get pdb9rnt.ent.Z


ftp ftp.pdb.bnl.gov <example.txt

You'll need to type your email address as password.


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