CostCrusher LabAudit- Get your costs right to get your decisions right.

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                CostCrusher LabAudit

   Get your costs right to get your decisions right.

What is it?
CostCrusher LabAudit is a tool to help you and your staff
to make better decisions.

The system models any lab environment so is ideal for
auditing and comparing costs generated by suppliers,
customers, tests and samples performed across workstations
or disciplines.

With CostCrusher you can focus and answer key cost and
performance questions within the lab’s operations and
customer services.

CostCrusher uses the latest Activity Based Costing techniques
to avoid the cost distortion problems inherent in traditional
cost systems (Excel like spreadsheets) that lead to misguided

Why CostCrusher?
A modern costing system should:

1)      Uncover & prioritize problems to tackle and solve.
2)      Identify opportunities to exploit.
3)      Influence the behaviour of people.
4)      Stimulate staff to achieve better results - evaluate
        their own performance.

CostCrusher LabAudit introduces a more modern, more relevant
management approach to costs & productivity.

How does it work?
Most cost systems tell one person what was spent from the budget.  
CostCrusher shows each user (in real time):

==> Where, why and how the budget is being spent in their area of

==> Their personal impact on the lab’s cost & productivity.

This helps to make costs transparent and each individual to make 
better decisions in managing their own area.  It encourages a change
in behaviour and raises each person’s productivity leading to (a) an
overall lowering of costs and (b) a feeling of greater responsibility
& motivation.

Profit & Loss - A More Transparent View

CostCrusher LabAudit demonstrates a true profit of $ 4.80 where
a profit of $ 11.76 was falsely perceived !

Traditional Costing                 | CostCrusher LabAudit
Price or Budget for Sample   35.20  | Price or Budget for Sample       35.20
Direct Material Costs         7.25  | Direct Material Costs             8.50
Gross Profit                 27.95  | Gross Profit                     26.70
Less                                | Less
------------------------            | --------------------------
Indirect Material        1.57       | Sample Reception & Handling    2.70
Personnel                6.06       | Consumables Preparation        1.30
Overheads                8.56       | Production                     3.20
                                    | Maintenance & Waste Handling   2.40
                                    | Supplies Management            4.10
                                    | Marketing & Services           2.80
                                    | Customer Administration        5.40
                        16.19       |                               21.90
Profit (coverage)             11.76 | Profit (coverage)                 4.80
                              ===== |                                  =====
                                    | Less Business Sustaining          2.90
                                    | Costs 
                                    |                                   1.90
                                    |                                  =====

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