Q: free restriction analysis software

Don Gilbert gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu
Wed Jul 14 12:48:34 EST 1999

Sounds like you want Harry Mangalam's nice 'tacg' program.
The below readme may be a bit old, but should get you going.
-- Don

tacg: a program for the restriction enzyme analysis of DNA, V 1.7
      by Harry Mangalam, UC Irvine (mangalam at uci.edu, 714 824 4824)

This file announces the availability and describes the basic functionality
of 'tacg', a command line tool for the restriction enzyme analysis of DNA
for unix-like operating systems.

There is a Web page describing it more fully at:

There is also a WWW interface to it so that you can try it out and see if
it's worth downloading:

The complete code to implement the Web interface is also available (tho not as
well debugged as the program itself) at:

You can always get the latest version in ANSI C source code and several
pre-compiled binaries (unless I move) at:

-- d.gilbert--bioinformatics--indiana-u--bloomington-in-47405
-- gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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