Bio-Ontologies '99

Jackie Spector jspector at netgenics.com
Thu Jul 8 14:08:15 EST 1999

Dear Bio-Ontologist:

I would like to invite you to the Second Annual Bio-Ontologist Meeting
(Bio-Ontologies 99), on August 5th in Heidelberg, Germany. This is
immediately before ISMB-99  August 6-10 in Heidelberg. Last year's
kick-off meeting was a great success, and was a clear indication of the
general interest and support people had for Ontologies in the life
sciences. The goal of this consortium is the identification and
promotion of a practical set of technologies that will aid in the
knowledge management and exchange of concepts and representations in the
life sciences. This meeting will focus on current issues and activities
that are described in more details below:
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