Request for free DNA sequence analysis software

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at pasteur.fr
Thu Jul 1 03:40:54 EST 1999

In article <000101bec361$28880740$823373ca at afei.scu.edu.cn>,
 scunlgbc at PRIDNS.SCU.EDU.CN ("afei") writes:

>  I am a PhD student in China.I have sequenced some genes I isolated.But I
> don't have any analysis software on hand,so I can't analysize the
> sequences.

"free" in English is ambiguous. Do you refer to freedom or to price?

For "free as in free speech" software, there are several sources, it 
depends on your platform. For instance, if you use Debian/GNU Linux:


You'll find Blast, Seaview, and their friends.

If you run another brand of Linux:



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