16 Bit Gel Doc anyone?

Sean biostorm at biostorm.com
Fri Jan 29 04:43:09 EST 1999

Comparison Table of Gel Doc , Chemiluminescence & Microscopy  with Cooled
integrating 16-bits Monochrome & 24-bits color.


Cooled Integrating CCD video Camera 16-bits                8-bits
Resolution, Gray levels                             65,356
Max. integration time , Gel Documentation with UV transilluminator,
(background  cause bleaching)
seconds        3 seconds
Max Integration  time, Chemiluminescence,  No UV Transilluminator.  (Dark
current cause bleaching),
minutes          5 minutes

Upgrade for any system:CCD, grabber, on-chip software

$5,365(16-bits) $5,950(8-bits)

Chemi-16 system, complete system    $16,995               Over $18,950

24-bits color cooled CCD with grabber interface
$5,950  (not cooled)

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