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>Subject: real player files
>Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 16:22:34 +0100

>anyone knows how can i save real player files on hd and play it offline?
>thanx in advance

It is rather simple:
- press CAPS while clicking on the title. This saves a xxx.ram file
- open the xxx.ram with notepad and you'll see something like :
- copy rm.musicserver2.com/~n-450166/0017010_0107_00_0002.ra 
to your netscape or whatever file window and press enter
- if download is enabled you get the corresponding xxx.ra file to play off-line

In this case it is not (!!) and this happens often, but quite a lot of servers have 
download enabled. Try this one for a test: 
http://www.multimania.com/belloeil/extraits_renaud.htmlin the file is 
http://www.multimania.com/belloeil/zenobe_entier.raYou can download and play



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