(again) Macintosh or PC software for RIA and EIA data

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Fri Jan 29 22:09:27 EST 1999

HELLOW, Drs. Hermans, Law, and everybody.
We THANK you for the info.

> Most instrument suppliers will be able to assist you in choosing a
> suitable software product to meet your demands. Most of these progs
> be able to directly read the raw data from the instrument through the
> serial port, so you don't have to enter these manually. Most of the
> software I know about is PC only, though.

Yes, most of   software product can read raw data directly from the
instrument, are expensive, and for PC only.
However, in our laboratory, we assay plasma progesterone, using 3-H and
dextran-coated chacoal separating methods. For this methods, we must
modify raw data before entering into software, because intra-centrifuge
difference are borne while assay. Also, our instruments are very old, 
and not have any suitable software. Therefore,  we need to enter modified
data for software manually. 
>AssayZap from Biosoft (http://www.biosoft.com/assayzap.htm)

Sorry, we missed tell you that we have already AssayZap. However, with
AssayZap, we cannot calculate the levels near sholder in  the standard
curve. The levels near sholder, of course, are not accurate, but we need
the info. for also low level blood samples.

Again, I'm looking for a good yet economically priced analysis software
for RIA and EIA, with MACINTOSH or WINDOWS. For WINDOWS software, we will
use WIN-emulator on MACINTOSH.

H.  Kadokawa
NAES, Hokkaido, Japan.
*** My correct e-mail address is  hiroya at cryo.affrc.go.jp

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